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Green Impact is a sustainability program designed for staff and students to make a difference by acting more sustainably and reducing their carbon footprint. It's a simple and effective way to make positive environmental changes, whilst connecting and collaborating with other staff and students across the University. Given our university-wide goal to achieve below zero emissions (become carbon negative) by 2030, it's important for all of us to play our part.

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Sustainability at ANU - Consultation with ANU community

Have your say on prioritising sustainability action at ANU and how the new Sustainability Division can support our mission

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Climate action in practice: new emissions reduction goal for travel

Global temperatures over June-August this year have been the hottest on record by a wide margin (

Heat pumps on ANU building

ANU kicks off the transition away from gas heating

This winter, for the first time four buildings on the Acton campus have been heated using electric heat pumps, keeping occupants warm without re


Sustainability events at ANU

Multiple areas across the University including the Institute for Climate, Energy and Disaster Solutions, Crawford School of Public Policy, ANU Thrive, and the Fenner School, host sustainability events that share and celebrate their research, education, policy engagement and community. Visit their sites or ANU Events for more.

Green Impact events

Green Impact is delivered by the not-for-profit, member-led organsiation, Australasian Campuses Towards Sustainability (ACTS). ACTS host an annual calendar of events - be they live webinars, shared learning opportunities, competitions or networking events​.

Green Network

Are you an ANU staff or student? Join the Green Network and join the conversation on environmental sustainability.​