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The problem

Humanity faces three major interlinked environmental challenges - climate change, pollution and biodiversity loss.  Human-induced global warming has spurred changes to the earth’s climate that are now occurring in every region.  Climate change impacts are accelerating and affecting people all over the world.  Unsustainable patterns of consumption and production are causing air, water and land pollution.  Meanwhile biodiversity loss is accelerating due to a range of factors including habitat loss and climate change.   

Transformational change is required to address these issues. Reducing our greenhouse gas emissions to as close to zero as possible is essential, as is removing any remaining hard to abate emissions for the long-term.  Addressing pollution, including via the circular economy, and supporting biodiversity conservation are also vital. 

Our solutions

Heat pumps on ANU building

This winter, for the first time four buildings on the Acton campus have been heated using electric heat pumps, keeping occupants warm without re

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For any questions or further information about environmental sustainability at ANU please contact us. We are very open to sharing our experiences, and to hearing your suggestions.

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There are many opportunities for staff, students and other members of the community to get involved in environmental sustainability actions at ANU.