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We are committed to achieving a range of environmental and sustainability outcomes including reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, optimizing energy efficiency, improving our water management, optimizing our built environment use, improving biodiversity and conservation, and improving our treatment of waste.  

There are several ways staff and students can contribute to our goal, including our One Small Step, volunteering at the ANU Kitchen Garden, and joining the ANU Green Network

External partnerships

The Below Zero Program is establishing projects that blend climate and energy innovation, education, research, and community engagement to create a new way of working to tackle complex challenges. 

As Australia's national university, our world-leading research and teaching underpins our action towards reaching our goals, and we welcome like-minded collaborators to help us realise our vision. 

Get in touch if you would like to help us navigate our energy transition and create innovative and sustainable buildings, precincts, campuses and regions, using world-leading research and engaging the leaders of the future.