Bicycle storage rack

In 2023, we held two come and try e-bike events, with over 100 students, staff and visitors stopping by to try several bikes. The commuter-style bikes were the most popular, followed by cargo bikes, for those with children.   

Despite requiring electricity, e-bikes are much more efficient than motorised vehicles and use up to 90% less C02 and other emissions – a great alternative to driving! Using an e-bike instead of a car is one way that you can make a difference to reduce your personal financial and environmental costs. E-bikes have a small battery-powered motor that makes cycling up hills or over longer distances a breeze. The growing demand for e-bikes in Canberra means lower prices and more options to suit the needs of every person.  

The Canberra Electric Bike Library is an ACT Government funded program run by SEE-Change and Switched on Cycles. See the application on the SEE-Change website for details on how to borrow a bike to discover what’s right for you. You can also become a member of SEE-Change to enjoy member discounts on e-bike purchases!  

Benefits of owning an e-bike 

There are many personal benefits to using an e-bike in place of a car, some of these include: 

Not only are there physical, mental, financial and environmental benefits, you can potentially save time and frustration with an e-bike by avoiding peak hour traffic and searching for an available parking spot on campus. 

There are outdoor bike shelters scattered across the Acton campus where you can securely lock up an e-bike, as well as shower amenities in many buildings, in case you have an energetic ride! 

For eligible staff interested in purchasing an e-bike for commuting, ANU salary sacrifice options include e-bike purchases, read more here. 

If cycling is not feasible for you, have you considered a hybrid or electric vehicle to reduce your carbon footprint? Check out the ANU novated lease options for these low emissions vehicles and the ACT Government incentives to help making these options more affordable. Additionally, with the Australian Government's Electric Car (EV) Discount, a novated lease on an eligible EV is exempt from Fringe Benefit tax, meaning you don't pay any post-tax contributions. Find out more information on what is possible below.