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Research opportunities

There is a range of research projects linked to sustainability for undergraduate and postgraduate students. These could include research on energy efficiency, renewables, battery storage and carbon sequestration, community engagement around emissions reductions and technologies that support behaviour change to reduce emissions. 

Current Sustainability Research Opportunities

If there are no opportunities listed that are suitable for you please contact us using the contact form.

Student Projects

If you do not have course space to complete a course or internship with us, you can still be involved through student projects, ask your course convener about special research projects available within your degree which may give you an opportunity to tailor a small research project on sustainability. Alternatively, contact the sustainability team directly to volunteer or pitch a project outside degree-connected options. 

Past student projects have included:

Project nameProject descriptionProject status
Aggregated Energy Use at the ANU

This report determines how energy use is aggregated from individuals, through subcommunities using the ANU Research School of Astronomy and Astrophysics (RSAA) as a case study to the whole of the Australian National University (ANU) campuses. This report is presented to the ANU Executive to inform short, medium and long term strategies that can be implemented to support behavioural change, reduce energy use and encourage long term campus sustainability. Read the full report (PDF, 813 KB). 

Pathways towards ANU Below Zero: A review of behavioural change, waste management, and carbon sequestration

 A critical literature review was performed to evaluate behavioural change and waste management and carbon sequestration strategies in universities such as the University of Cambridge, and organisations of Blue Planet. This evaluation highlighted 11 principles contributing to universities’ success in behavioural change and waste management strategies to reduce carbon emissions which may be beneficial for consideration by ANU Below Zero. Four enabling environments were identified for effective carbon sequestration: long-term commitment, research funding, alignment with circular economy policies, and carbon accounting mechanisms. Read the full report. 

Soft Plastic Audit at an ANU hall of residence

An ANU undergraduate decided to do an "at home exchange" after COVID-19 postponed her exchange to Canada. Laura moved into Fenner Hall on the ANU campus and decided to conduct an audit of the soft plastics her fellow residents were using and then disposing. Read how Laura went with collecting, storing and weighing the mountains of soft plastics as well as her conclusions around corporate responsibility to increase awareness of how to dispose of these refuse items. Read the full report.