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The Australian National University

What you can do

Although ANU is actively implementing energy efficient systems across campus, it's still vitally important that everyone plays their part in reducing energy use.

Here are some simple, practical ways you can reduce your energy use:

Heating & cooling

Use curtains and blinds, when appropriate, to keep out excess heat, and let the sun in when the weather is cooler for free heating.

If possible, set your heating/cooling system to a broader temperature band. Setting the thermostat to a range of 20°C-25°C will still maintain a comfortable environment without using larger amounts of energy.


Where possible, open windows and let natural air in when the temperature outside is between 20°C-25°C and close them when it's hotter or colder.

Enable energy-saving features of your computer

Enable the energy-saving features of your computer, so that the screen blanks out and the hard disk goes into energy-saving mode when you're not actively using the computer.

Switch off computer monitors

When you're out of the office for more than 15 minutes, switch off your computer monitor.

Switch off the office lights

If you're leaving the office for over 30 minutes, or if your office is already well-lit by natural light, switch off the office lights.

Energy efficient appliances

Purchase energy efficient appliances & turn them off at the wall when not in use.

Updated:  24 February 2016/Responsible Officer:  Director, Facilities & Services Division/Page Contact:  Systems & Information Technology