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The Australian National University

About ANUgreen


ANU is committed to acting as a world-leader in sustainability research, education and practice. Sustainability at ANU connects people across the University with information, tools, and inspiration in the interest of a more environmentally friendly university. In doing so, ANU leads by example in broader pursuit of a greener higher education sector and a sustainable future globally.

Environmental Management Plan

The ANU Sustainability Office, which drives many of the University's environmental objectives, is responsible for the development and implementation of the Environmental Management Plan (EMP). The EMP articulates the vision for a more sustainable university and outlines a roadmap, comprised of specific targets and strategies, towards this vision

A key element of the ANUgreen Program is the connection with leading sustainability research and the active engagement of staff and students.

ANUgreen program

ANUgreen is the University's award-winning environmental management program, managed by the ANU Facilities and Services Division. Established in 1999 under the ANU environment policy, ANUgreen is responsible for implementing the University's Environmental Management Plan by working directly with the University community, educating and empowering staff and students to playing an active role in reducing the collective environmental impact.

Through well-developed programs and initiatives, ANUgreen strives for ANU to be an international leader in campus sustainability and provide ANU graduates with the practical knowledge and skills needed to realise a more sustainable society.

Global partnerships

The University's ANUgreen program works as a catalyst for broader national and global change by demonstrating leadership and innovation of new policies and projects. This includes trialling new management approaches and initiatives which can then be replicated by other organisations. As a member of several national and global university sustainability networks, ANU is engaged in sharing best-practice knowledge with other leading institutions and collaboration to develop a culture of sustainability across the sector.  Read more about Global partnerships.

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